Professional capture of events with many years of experience, at any time of day, in the most diverse locations, whether it's an elegant ballroom, international sports competition, or a family event... I have even stood neck-deep in the wild rivers of Indonesia photographing rafting.
After careful selection, the photos are processed to create a uniform color and image world.

Hourly rate: HUF 25.000 + VAT

The price includes transportation within Budapest, on-site availability and labor, the provision of appropriate professional equipment (2 frames, flashes, 8 premium lenses for covering all topics), as well as the subsequent labor for selecting and processing the photos.
The selected finished image material will be delivered in the requested format within a maximum of 5-7 working days, optionally with the client's logo, in an online optimized quality, up to 2500px - 5 MP in size.
During the availability time, I strive to create as many photos as possible, without any limit on the number of delivered photos. Approximately 30-40 deliverable photos can be taken within one hour, but this always depends on the nature of the event!
The delivered photos are archived in full size and digital raw format for a minimum of 2 years on an external server. For multiple consecutive days or long-term cooperation, an individual labor fee can be calculated.

Additional services available for order:
Aerial photography
• On-site / post-printing of lab-quality photos on premium paper.
Priority processing and delivery within 24 hours, or even on-site during or after the event.
• Implementation and preparation of photo albums.
• Depending on the size of the event, it is possible to order multiple photographers.
• Implementation of an online, unique access web gallery for sharing and downloading photos.
• Delivery of large, print-ready photos in ~50 Megapixel size.
• From creating promotional video clips with a professional crew to realizing image films.
Live streaming with multiple cameras and sound recording.
• Prepress and graphic design.

The price offer is informative and subject to change based on additional requirements.

Advertising PHotography
Product and food photography, interior, fashion, portraits, image photos

Design and execution of commercial photographs for online presence or printed media, from magazines to billboards. Promote your business and product with advertising photographs created with years of experience and state-of-the-art professional imaging tools, delivering unparalleled detail and color accuracy on the surface of your choice.
In addition to precise execution of the client's requested concept, my work can include active participation in campaign planning, which can extend beyond the unique realization of the product to organizing the necessary props, technical background, and location for the shoot, or even assembling and coordinating the entire crew (hairstylist, makeup artist, models, werk video, etc).

The price consists sum of two parts: on-site work and post-production fee.

On-site work fee:
1-3 hours: HUF 40.000 Ft + VAT
3-6 hours: HUF 70.000 Ft + VAT
Includes transportation in Budapest, on-site work fee, assistance, and provision of appropriate equipment - a high-resolution -50 megapixel- professional camera and optics for professional use.

Post-processing fee for images
from HUF 5.000 + VAT / image
price depends on the image processing complexity

Includes post-processing fee for selected raw images (comprehensive software image correction, retouching) and delivery of images in the requested format, optimized for the web and printable format in high resolution.

The price may vary depending on additional equipment needs, post-processing time, and usage.

To determine the exact price, knowledge of the following is necessary: usage, scale, geographical area, duration, and size of the advertising carrier.

This offer is for informational purposes only!
Due to the variety of needs and possibilities, the complexity of execution, and the equipment used, please contact me for a personalized offer.

VIDEO production

Creating a video offers limitless possibilities.
Whether it's attention-grabbing seconds, clips summarizing an event or experience, report making, interior videos, live footage, concert recording, or even a documentary-style short film introducing a business or project.
We have already tried ourselves in several topics, and the complex, comprehensive workflow - assessing the client's needs, designing, organizing and implementing the shooting, the endless possibilities of editing, as well as coloring and lighting the final video - is captivating.

The price for making a short film starts from HUF 150,000 + VAT.

To provide an accurate quote, we require a lot of information due to the complexity of the realization, but we can also come up with solutions that fit within a predetermined budget.
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